Classes will consist of 12 sessions which will be taught by a professional in their field of expertise.  Topics will include assessment of values & skills, structuring of success, business name & form, marketing research & development, finances & budgeting, credit repair, and distribution channel
As evidenced from previous groups and their testimonials, the course offers much more than straightforward education on finance. It is an opportunity to grow within a microcosm of society. Relationships and networks are formed which will inevitably help the individual grow in many aspects of life.  




Eligibility is determined after the women have completed all 12 classes and the loan can be distributed. In order to be considered for a business loan, the women must meet the eligibility requirements set forth by Radan.   

Throughout the process the facilitators will support and guide the women into making their businesses a success for themselves, their families, and community.



We are a group of professionals who network with other professionals, organizations and groups.  We support our ladies by having monthly meetings, invitations to events and offering further education for improving and sustaining their businesses.




1 League #60673

Irvine, CA 92602