How you can participate

“Over the last few months our group has invested in our financial knowledge and empowerment as well as invested in forming bonds of friendship. We have learned about budgeting, loans, insurance, credit, and spending responsibly. This group has been very informative and so much needed to get us all started on a path to be more fiscally aware and therefore responsible. We are all mapping out our own small businesses as well as supporting each other’s plans for the future. Thank you for everything Sue as without your guidance and support none if this would be possible. With deepest love and gratitude.”


                                                                                          Aliso viejo


Your tax-deductible donation will contribute to the necessary funding that helps educate and support women in starting their own business thereby becoming financially sound and independent. These businesses in turn help support their families and better our communities.




Meet with any of our officers to make your contribution.



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