At Radan we see: “Empowered Women, Empower Women”.  Our officers are a group of educated and dedicated people who volunteer their time, money, and, efforts in order to build the Radan foundation. Through the altruistic and honorable work of our officers, we have seen dreams become realities for many women. Their generosity has generated opportunities, which would have otherwise been impossible. The members and workers at this organization continue to toil tirelessly to help and empower women who are like minded in their work habits and ethics. Sue Rad, president and founder of Radan, began this organization as a lifelong dream and considers Radan to be one of her proudest accomplishments. (Read more on Sue below.)

Tracy Espinosa.



 Like most young adults, Tracy did not know what she wanted to do when she graduated from high school.  One thing was for sure, she always wanted to go to college and be a successful, independent woman.  Once Tracy decided to major in nursing, she left CSU Fullerton since it did not offer nursing and attended Mt. St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles.  Due to the financial difficulties her family faced having two children in college, she left Mt. St. Mary’s College and completed the rest of her nursing curriculum at a local junior college where she graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 1996.  

Tracy started working as a cardiac nurse shortly after passing her boards and always knew that she will go back to school to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  She went back to school in 1999 but put school on hold after having children.  After her divorce, she went back to school while working full-time as a cardiac nurse at a local hospital.  As a single parent working full-time, she took one to two classes a semester just so she can be one step closer in completing her goal.  In 2013, Tracy achieved her goal by graduating with her Bachelor’s in Nursing from CSU Dominguez Hills, however, her ultimate goal was to become a nurse practitioner.  That same year, she returned to school and in 2016, Tracy graduated with her Master’s in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner from University of Phoenix.  From experience, Tracy understands the rigors of being a single parent and wanting so desperately to provide for her children.  With this amazing opportunity to pay it forward, she wants to see other women succeed in both their businesses and in raising their children in a supportive and loving environment.  

Sue Rad
Certified Brain Health Coach

Sue Rad is the founder of Radan. Having experienced the hardships of building a new life as a single mother, Sue got inspired to help others in similar situations. Unofficially, she has been a helping hand in the community, especially for those that are in need of resources to start a new business. She began with a building a team of women with similar interests, and soon began to officiate this nonprofit. As an RN, it has been a daily part of her life to help those in an especially vulnerable state. Moreover, having close working relationships with others in the medical field served as an inspiration to help change lives. 


Saneh Razaghei moved to United States in 1995. She believes that facing difficulties tests potential and builds character, which helps to overcome limitations and challenges in life.

  Saneh received her Administrative License from Coastline Community College in 2006, then her Bachelor’s degree in Business/Accounting in 2013, and has since continued her professional work as an accountant and bookkeeper.

  Saneh loves to learn and experience new things, and loves working in a team, which helps her to be a great team-player. She was instantly drawn to Radan group when she learned it was an organization that helps women become financially educated and independent, and is currently the organization’s Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.



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