Welcome to RADAN

Radan is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all volunteer based organization that believes and gives help to women by offering micro-financing (loans)

Our Values

Empowerment, Dignity, Unity, Service and Success.

Our Mission

We seek to combine funds, education and mentorship in an effort to establish small, successful businesses. 

Our Vision

To provide resources to the community in an achievable manner.

Our Objective

is to offer women education, resources, networking and the financial opportunity to fulfill their dream of starting their own business.

Our Goal

To empower women and give them the means to create successful businesses. From our educational classes focused on entrepreneurship and management, to the consistent support including finances for our clients, we strive to be there for our clients to reach their goals

president's welcome

It is with great honor that I greet you as the president of RADAN.

Thank you for all your support in our growing organization and I want to express my gratitude to our Board of Directors.

Without all of you by our side we would not be where we are today. Our nonprofit organization prides itself in serving our hard working entrepreneurs, businessmen, businesswomen, and our beloved students.

RADAN's executive teams always strive to better serve our members. We are an organization of influence, effort and more importantly action. We are excited for the coming years.

We are ready and willing to make a significant impact in whatever it is we choose to participate in including improving our educational system. 


Our bold and dynamic officers are prepared to take RADAN to new heights and I feel extremely blessed to lead such an outstanding organization.



Sue Rad


Our Story

Radan was established as the result of one women’s courageous and challenging quest for survival. Her capacity to succeed despite enormous obstacles, and subsequent desire to compel others toward success is the inspiration for Radan.


As a single mother and immigrant, success was not imminent. Furthermore, she did not possess resources or language skills. However, she applied hard work and commitment to each problem. The language barrier was only one of the many battles that she overcame. She knew with hard work, commitment, and support from the community, she would succeed. Failure was not an option.


With passion and perseverance, she made great progress by utilizing her life experiences and seeking education. She pursued courses in finance, psychology, and business, and attended various seminars to further her education. She also sought the support of endless professionals and began to build a network of supporters.


Her capacity to progress and profit, was achieved as a result of the passion and perseverance that she applied to pursue her goals. It was this herculean journey that fueled her desire to give back to the community.


Subsequently, this led to the first group of ladies who attended a women’s financial course in hopes of improving their lives and their community. Within this group, was a vast variety of backgrounds and goals: the common bond being an abundance of commitment, compassion, and determination.


Some of the ladies opted to stay focused on their specific family and business goals.  However, others decided that they would like to be further involved in future groups to come, so The RADAN Group was formed.


We Value: Empowerment, Dignity, Unity, Service and Success

we connect women to their potentials. 

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